Script and Screen- Cingkus: Uncle Tik Again

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December 19, 2013 by bck1402

So here’s something of an oddity. The script and final animated version are almost identical.

Well, almost.

Writing the scripts, I made it a tendency to over-write, maybe give a little more than is needed and then have it be cut down to suit the needs of the animation. The general rule is that one page equals one minute of screen time although it’s not necessarily a hard and fast rule.

You can write “They Fight” as a scene description. It takes one line but can lead to maybe a 30 second to one minute scene. Or you can go into an elaborate five page description of the fight only to have it end up as, again, a thirty second to one minute fight scene. Add to that the voice-overs overlapping the action (at times) and the page number can rack up while not coming close to the requisite run-time of the cartoon.

In comparing the script to the cartoon, there bits of dialogue that were omitted probably for time. Or, I might have been overly excessive. The character of Uncle Tik is meant to be overly verbose (although I still can’t reconcile the character’s voice in my head and the director or producer’s choice for the voice actor) being the type to spin tall tales and such. It was meant to be a kind of jokey characteristic for him, spouting these long sentences almost breathlessly and quickly, unlike what we have in the show, to the point that “voice-over” became “voice over”. Two different things.

In either reading the script or watching the cartoon, some of you might notice the quiz scene towards the end. Yes, it’s a lift, and what can I say? I love those guys and that kind of humour that I really wanted my own spin on that. I didn’t really write it the way it was animated, that was their choice. After all, they had to do what was within their capability to animate and design while matching the overall aesthetic of their show. I just wrote the scripts.

As to the overall idea of the story… Uncle Tik was this Indiana Jones type character (I didn’t really create him, but I ran with it), who had already lived a lifetime of adventures. Getting Cing and Kus involved with him usually meant these odd adventures in search of something unusual (see the Ruby Eye adventure), but like with these adventures (even in Indiana Jones), it involves trekking across jungles and such to get to some cave or something where the treasure is. And let’s not forget the booby-traps. When the hero gets stuck in a trap, he needs some ingenuity to get out of it, or have a sidekick help out. Which is where Cing and Kus come in. How Uncle Tik got into that predicament didn’t really matter, this was Cing and Kus’ cartoon. So, they had to collect a ‘key’, ‘rescue’ Uncle Tik and get to the end. I even had that Indiana Jones style title, which I guess was too long for them or gave the story away.

Script is here. Cartoon below.

Yeh, it’s three years since I wrote it…


CingKus Blues is copyright to 3rd Rock Creation.


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