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December 14, 2013 by bck1402

Back in the pre-digital photography era, I got quite fond of black and white photography. More so when we had to learn to develop our own film and pictures in a dark-room. That lasted about a year or just over actually during the art-school period. It’s something I kinda miss doing and the chemical process is almost all dead and gone around here. Not entirely, mind you, just ‘almost’.Β  I won’t go into it here.

On my end, I’ve moved over to digital photography. I have a 7.1Mp Olympus although I tend to rely on my hand-phone more often. I had a Sony Ericsson Z610 that had a 2Mp camera and now, a Sony Xperia Ion with a 12Mp camera on it, although I set it down to a 9Mp resolution, so that I can capture wider images. The 12Mp setting only gives a 4×3 frame.

I’ve always had issues with digital photography. The way the pixels would mix about, especially the colours, never really seemed right. But then, in the early days of 1-2Mp, what you got was what you got. Just like now, if you wanted a clearer sharper image, you had to shrink the image down until you didn’t notice the pixels. That’s pretty much how it is these days with these massive megapixel (24Mp and upwards?) images. Not really that I really know anything about it. Never really looked into it all.

In any case, here are a few shots using my current phone, with some simple colour adjustments.

LanternsSo when it’s small, it looks nice an sharp, the red is popping out against the cloudy sky. I did saturate the background a little and gave it a cooler tint.

AlleyFor this alleyway, I saturated the colours out of the whole image, added a slight sepia tone, heightened the contrast to darken the foreground a bit more, highlighted the lit background, but not too much in order to pull out the detail a little more.

FoggingThe fun thing about working with black and white prints was that you could create the image yourself through the length of exposure of the image onto the paper, ‘dodging’ and ‘burning’ portions of the image to create the contrasts. Then there was the chemical wash, the actual development process. Digitally, you just remove the colour, fiddle with the contrast, the brightness and so on. it isn’t a massive fire going on, but ‘fogging’ carried out, a spraying of chemicals to kill mosquitoes.

Little IndiaThis last one looks into the street / neighbourhood in town called Little India. Again, the colour was saturated out, but the contrast and brightness was adjusted very minutely. Still couldn’t get the clouds to come out a little more without losing the detail on the building tho… Maybe with GIMP instead.

All the images should link to slightly larger version, but they’re still shrunk from their original 9Mp sizes.




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