Smaug Smog

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December 13, 2013 by bck1402

Well, got my review for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug up over on the Weebly (Berning Away) site.

There have often been complaints about adaptations of books into movies, and it’s often about what’s been taken out or what’s been changed. These are often done to accommodate the different format a movie takes as opposed to the simple words on a page of a book. Add to that when a reader ventures into a book, what they visualise will hardly hold up to what is perceived by the director of the movie.

Often, it will depend on the nature of the book as to whether the movie will ever surpass the book (and how often have you heard that “The book was better.”)

Given the nature of the adaptation of The Hobbit, a very slim fantasy novel at that, spreading it over two movie did seem excessive, never mind the eventual decision to make a trilogy with the intention of including material from the appendices. Okay, sure, three more movies from the guy who gave us the rather excellent Lord Of The Rings trilogy, and their extended editions. That’s something to look forward to. He knows what he’s doing.

Coming out from this second chapter tho, and something is just wrong.

It’s still a magnificent piece of film-making. There’s no doubt about it. The visuals, the design, the scale, the effects, all the work of the people behind the scenes – they know what they’re doing, and they’re putting their hearts into the work. And director Peter Jackson lavishly puts everything on display. From a technical standpoint, I love the movie.

But it is bloated beyond belief, action punctuating each hour as it passes. However, even the action seems to be without tension or excitement. Well… okay… a little excitement. But how much can a bunch of dwarves (and one Hobbit) do in comparison to a pair of lithe sharp-shooting elves?

And at least there’s the dragon…

I dunno. After a day or so from watching the movie, something still irks me about it. And I fear for the upcoming 47 Ronin, which from the trailer, is so obviously deviating from the original legend. Have to keep in mind to take it as some other fantasy than an adaptation of the legend.

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