7 Original Ideas and Other Stuff

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November 29, 2013 by bck1402

plot-typesA long time back, someone told me that there were only seven original stories in the world. Every other story is a derivative or a combination of elements from those seven stories.  It took even longer before I could actually find out what those seven stories actually are. It turns out actually that it’s seven plots and not really the stories, because the stories varied

As did the idea of the original seven plots / stories / ideas / whatevers.

There wasn’t really a fix on those seven ideas but there was some correlations that would have suggested that there was a common origin. Maybe it was just a bunch of different people putting their own spin on those seven. So just recently, one of the sites I subscribe to kinda shared the numerous ideas / plots / stories and whatever else, not just the “Seven Basic Plots” but the types of conflicts, genre and other situations that stories might derive from.

Of course, it also goes to say that there aren’t really any original ideas, as every other story is going to comprise of a mixture or some derivative of all these ideas / genre / plots / type of story / themes. Here’s the list.


So most of us on WordPress, at least the few within the community I’ve connected with thus far, are writers. Some of you do have connections in getting your work out, getting it published and maybe more. Others do it on their own. Some are maybe not quite sure how to get about getting their work noticed (uh, yeah, same here).

Anyway, the Script Mag site pointed out a service that involves some of their contributors. It might be something worth looking into for you aspiring screenwriters, or as they put it… “…a new level of transparency for the spec market, a level playing field for screenwriters, and a brand new way for aspiring writers to break into the business.” Check out SpecScout.


For others who might want to try something different, BBC Radio 4 is having a submission opportunity. It doesn’t look like there are any restrictions that would suggest that anyone in the world can’t send an entry. I think the restriction is that one person can only send one entry.

There’s a link for you to check out what’s been done before and what they would expect, and in a way, it’s an avenue to get your work out as well. Just keep in mind, it’s not a contest. The submission period isn’t open yet, but it’s nice they gave such advance notice, yes? Contribute to Opening Lines.


And speaking (more or less, since this is actually being written) about good writing, there was this thing about a University of California lecturer’s e-mail going viral. The e-mail was apparently dealing with a strike that was going on at the University and how this lecturer, Alexander Coward, sent off an e-mail to his students to explain why he wasn’t going to cancel his class in line with the strike. He also addressed other concerns which I thought was very interesting and thought provoking.

So if you haven’t seen it by now, here’s a link where you can check it out for yourself, see what you think about it.


And let’s just close with another look at the new animated movie of the season, Frozen. This is an official release from Disney Studios themselves, a little something to while the weekend (or at least a couple of minutes) away.


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