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November 15, 2013 by bck1402

The first time I saw a complete Doctor Who adventure, it was the US made TV movie. I knew about The Doctor by then and I knew there was some significance where TV history was concerned, even at that young(ish) age. I just wasn’t entirely aware of the character as a whole at the time, so I was fairly lost for most of the show where we had this old guy who dies and then changes into this young guy who doesn’t really know who he is, and he teams up with some nurse or doctor to stop another fancifully dressed guy (a costume that just screams “I’m the Bad Guy”) who looks like Eric Roberts.

Eighth DoctorThe TV movie introduced us to Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, a dandy looking fellow. I can’t say if he made much of an impression on me at the time. I know I thought that this was a rather weird show. My curiosity over The Doctor didn’t go far as there weren’t any more shows featuring The Doctor after that. I did catch the movie again a couple more times, a second screening over TV and once on video in that age before there was such copyright clamps.

So I guess when people talk about ‘their Doctor’, it usually the one they’re first exposed to which would make the Eighth Doctor as ‘my Doctor.’ When Doctor Who returned to the screens in 2005, We had Christopher Eccleston in the role as The Doctor, and that was quickly followed by David Tennant, as one of the more popular incarnations as The Doctor. Of course, now we have Matt Smith and soon to be transitioning to Peter Capaldi.

Over the last couple of years tho, I tried to find out what ever happened to Paul McGann’s version of the Doctor and I found out about the continuing adventures in books, comics and audio adventures. I found a few of the audio adventures on CD at a local book store and then through Wikipedia, learnt about the rest of the audio adventures. I wish there was a CD shop that had gotten more of these in, but the audiobook market around here is practically non-existent, nothing to say about a market for audio dramas.

Anyway, I managed to track most of the adventures, got hold of some that I fell in love with, and also learnt that where the audio adventures are concerned, the Eighth Doctor is the current doctor.

Eighth Doctor-newThen came the new look – discovered that in an issue of SFX that was promoting the new audio adventure, Dark Eyes – which I thought was cool, leaning a little towards the Eccelston incarnation. I didn’t really think much about the new look. After all, it wasn’t like he was going to appear on screen and Big Finish, the producers of the audio adventures, apparently have more adventures on tap.

But then…

… this popped up online…

And he mentions his companions from the audio adventures too!

And it also marks his (The Eighth Doctor) final appearance, but with no specific timeline except for the mention of the war between the Time Lords and the Daleks. The Last Great Time War as mentioned by Eccleston’s Doctor? Yes, I’m deliberately not putting a number there given the recent events in the above video and the upcoming 50th Anniversary special.

Also, they have a transformation scene to add to this.

In any case, I think it was pretty cool that McGann had another chance to play the Doctor on screen again. Even if it’s just a short. Not that they can’t make more actually…

By the way, found the movie on YouTube here.




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