November 11, 2013 by bck1402

It’s been a year.

I’ve used that before, haven’t I? Even without looking back at what I’ve posted before, and it’s not very much, I’m sure I’ve used that before. But, never mind, it’s a different anniversary I’m touching on here.

Today, my bro and his wife celebrate their first wedding anniversary. I’m happy for them. Really. But I haven’t sent out any customary well wishing through sms, or WhatsApp or Facebook or even called. Instead, I’m writing this and I don’t know if they’ll actually see it. They might, very probably will, so this is me wishing them a happy first anniversary.

Even as they celebrate, they are preparing for another typical (I suppose) event encountered in wedded bliss. In a few more months, they would have their first child. I’m pretty sure it’s not a secret anymore because when they first mentioned it to my mom, I was told not to say anything to anyone, and I didn’t, but that was months ago. All the important people who should know probably do know by now, i think. Then again, I am keeping some other details out of this, so it might still be considered a secret.

As before, like a year ago, I don’t really feel anything about all of this. It’s their lives and their bliss. I don’t emotionally connect to it all, and honestly, I really don’t know why. But there is just a slight need here to acknowledge it all. Maybe out of obligation or out of courtesy, or maybe it’s just something to write about? But this is what I do- I write.

And does it cheapen it all when I make a comment about it?

I like my sis-in-law. She’s very sweet and charming, and she makes a great partner to my bro. When I first wrote about them getting married last year, I posted a rather artsy photo that had been played with using a variety of filters off my phone… So in commemoration, and still keeping their identities blocked out, or blurred out as the case may be here, I’m posting the original coloured image.The only alteration is shrinking it down in size.


To my bro and his wife, congratulations on the first of many more anniversaries to come.


3 thoughts on “11-11

  1. charlypriest says:

    And the kid comes, should be nice having a niece or nephew. Congratulations to them and to you.

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