It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

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October 21, 2013 by bck1402

Really, it was. It’s been raining quite a lot that we’ve maybe had a couple of days where the sun was actually bearing down, enough to sun a few mats, air the car, and really get the clothes dry and sunned. But the nights, maybe just one night where we didn’t have a downpour. And that’s just this past week.

SnoopyNow honestly, how many of you sighed or groaned when that title popped up? I know, Elmore Leonard had a rule that you never start by writing about the weather, but if it’s good enough for Snoopy, it’s good enough for me.

But last Saturday night / Sunday morning, the rain poured. Heavily. Constantly. Noisily. Add to that there’s an aluminium awning over the balcony outside my window and you’d have an idea how noisy it is. I slept on and off, as it’s been since a year back. So, I never really heard the water flowing from a burst hose that connected the water mains to the tap. No idea what time that happened. After all, water flowing was water flowing.

I was up fairly early that Sunday morning but mulling about my room, my mom headed down the stairs first and stepped into the water. For however long the water was flowing that night, it was enough to produce a half centimetre of a flood across the ground floor, from the kitchen out to the dining room through the hall and out the front door. The water flowed into our spare room that was essentially a library. It was sheer luck, or some brilliant design by the architect, that the water did not flow into the store-room that was under the staircase.

So after switching off the water mains to the house, it took another two and a half hours to sweep some of the water out the door and the collect the rest using a mop and lots of towels, and a couple of buckets. We had to move the car from the porch in order to store the chairs and tables there. Mind that it was still raining, and a little windy, so there wasn’t a lot of space under the porch to store everything. The water wasn’t high enough to damage anything electrical.But the majority of the damage was to the library.

The D-I-Y cupboards, made mostly from corkwood, had absorbed quite a bit of water that they all had to be scrapped. The books on the lower shelves didn’t fare any better. I had boxes of comics in the room, and the ones on the floor got damaged. Some of the were sealed in plastic baggies so those were okay and the boxes sere of the old sturdy type (not like the new thinner ones these days which I now have to use) so it wasn’t so bad. Still, quite a few had to been pulped.

The last week had been spent getting new cupboards and assembling them, reorganising the library, and I had to assess just what I had to throw away and seeing how damaged my collection was. It really was a lot to get through and I’m still not quite done with a few more boxes to get through. But the current boxes are now stacked back, but now elevated slightly off the floor with some styrofoam blocks. The new D-I-Y cupboards – same as before – are in place and are getting filled again (that’s where the styrofoam blocks came from, packing material). The hall and dining area which were filled with the books and boxes are pretty much back to normal now. A new hose was put in place the day after it burst (it was a Sunday after all, we had to wait till Monday for the stores to open). Dehumidifiers were bought and placed into the bookshelves, the ones with sliding glass, to absorb any extra moisture that might have got to those books. Wonder how long before those get filled.

The newly replaced DIY shelves, slowly getting filled

The newly replaced DIY shelves, slowly getting filled

The other built in cupboard, and the boxes of comics next to it.

The other built in cupboard, and the boxes of comics next to it.

Like I said, I still have some boxes left to clear and a bit of other stuff to deal with that was put on hold this past week. Better get to them.


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