Script and Screen- Cingkus: Dream

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September 27, 2013 by bck1402

This is one of those scripts that was created out of a suggestion from the producers.  They decided they wanted Cing to go off to a dreamworld and have some kind of grand adventure. I figured if Cing were to pop off to a dreamworld, it was most likely going to be a nightmare for him.

I didn’t think of Cing as a sympathetic character. I think if you’ve seen the other shows, he does come off as mean-spirited against Kus, playing up a kind of self-superiority very often. It’s a simple enough characteristic to play with and having him have that moment of just desserts is fun to play with. The relationship between Cing and Kus is really easy to play out, so turning the tables once might be a nice thing to do, even if it’s just in a dream.

When I write these characters tho, there is an intention to not make Cing too mean-spirited. But in turning the tables, there had to be some kind of sense of how Cing is usually mean to Kus. I had to rely on other episodes to do that and hope this played out as intended.

Of course, having Cing enter a dreamworld while having Syndi-Jean play around in a dreamworld at about the same time was just a coincidence. After all, Cing was actually dreaming. There was only a very brief moment when I played with the physics of a dream world by applying the mechanics of animation and film-makng. A quick scene of walking and getting nowhere – by walking off one side of the screen and entering the other side – was removed, but the scenery change was kept. I wanted a flip screen where only the back-ground was flipped, but it was changed to a slide instead. The dialogue by Sifu Monkey remained the same tho, calling it a ‘flip-screen’. And he still addressed the viewer after that.

I did throw quite a few ideas into the script, but with the understanding that what would end up on screen was in the hands of the director, the producers and the capabilities of the animators. Having the house burp was an idea and maybe it could have been a little better, like either raising the roof; or since it was shaped like a fish, the mouth could have opened to burp. They threw in the window and van cleaning as well as the toilet gag.

Still, it’s their show. They can do what they want, right?

Anyway, click here for the script and you can compare it with the cartoon below.

As to the title… I originally titled it “In The Kingdom of Kus Kus” but labelled the file as “Dream” trying to keep the core idea in the filename. Maybe that’s where the title change came from


CingKus Blues is copyright to 3rd Rock Productions


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