It’s Been A Year…


August 15, 2013 by bck1402

It’s been a year since this blog got started. Did it really serve its purpose?


Just a little something to share in way of a purpose for this blog. The tower of photos to the right were taken with my Sony Xperia Ion phone over the last few months, around 7:30pm. Give or take about five minutes. No modification or alteration done aside from shrinking them down and stacking them in that order. For a camera on a phone, I think they came out very nicely. I’ve had the phone since late October last year, and it’s basically a Walkman first, camera second and phone third.  I bought is as an upgrade from my Sony Ericsson Z610 just to have a handy on-hand back-up camera when I attended my brother’s wedding. Occasionally, I might browse about the web or check up on WordPress with it when I have a WiFi connection. No data plans for me.


Among the things shared here have been the occasional thought, some story ideas, scripts and their related cartoons for comparison as well as a little focus on writing. Oh, reviews too,

Thing is, even as this blog got started, I had actually wrapped up The Syndi-Jean Journal over on Multiply. That has gone away now, although I did manage to finish the project. Since then, I’ve done several reviews on the manuscript, several rounds of edit and even shared on the process. I thought that might have been the last round of edits, but then… someone finally said something that clicked, and I figured I could do one more round of edits. This time, with some actual fixes and changes.

I was aware of my propensity for overlong sentences that could go on and on with some asides that weren’t always necessary (see?), usually long enough to comprise of two or three sentences that obviously cold be broken up a bit more. Like that one. The long-windedness was a complaint that had come up before. I usually attributed it to the character’s ‘voice’ in writing. It was only when I was told that the sentences were ‘too long’ did the complaint actually click.

Long-winded? That was a characteristic. Sentences too long? Well, that was fixable.

Another thing I decided to tackle in this round of edits was to deal with redundancy. I started writing the Journal about seven years ago. Science, technology, cultural and social issues have changed a lot over the last seven years. Twitter wasn’t in widespread use seven years ago. The iPad wasn’t really around then either. And I had references to PDAs and DigiPads. On top of that, I referenced some movies of the time, one of which plays a crucial role in book three. I’m still trying to figure that one out actually. A way around it.

In the meantime, i think I’ve found a publisher to help get the books out.

While that has been going on, there hasn’t been much writing done actually. Less so since the new movies that opened last Thursday were a couple of sequels I had no particular interest in watching (The Smurfs 2 and Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters) as well as some local fare. This Thursday also looks dry with Pixar’s Cars spinoff, Planes (strangely, developed by DisneyToon Studios instead of Pixar), being the main new (Hollywood) movie opening. So nothing to review and post to the Weebly site.

There was a script that I worked on last month, but it doesn’t feel like anything is going to happen for me there. Nope, not gonna gripe here… yet. Some other post, maybe. I’m just looking back at the year this blog has survived.

Granted, I don’t have many followers, but there are a few of you nice people who have dropped by, left a comment or two and also connected. Thank you.Even when I don’t seem to be posting as frequently as almost everybody else I’ve been following, there are still people dropping by. Whenever I do log in, I tend to spend more time catching up reading than writing. Is that common?

I don’t know what it is that might attract more readers. I don’t know what would get their attention. I just write whatever comes to mind. Interestingly, the post that seems to have gotten the most views (not counting the home page) is the one on body-swapping done towards the end of August last year. They’re coming mostly from web searches too. Is that something that people are interested in?

In any case, it’s been a year.
Here’s to the next.


One last little thing though.
The last eight months were also occupied with one particular PS3 game. I bought the Mass Effect trilogy as a Christmas Present to myself. I’m not a hardcore player, so it took eight months to play all three games (totaling an accumulated 280+ hours), using two different characters played concurrently. The first character was the default male. The second was a customised female, which I did a sketch of. (It should link to the Instagram post. Hope it works.)

Just wanted to share that.

Thanks again for reading, for following and the company of friends.


5 thoughts on “It’s Been A Year…

  1. charlypriest says:

    Thanks for dropping by my crazy blog, nice pictures by the way. Although your theory on the priorities of your cell phone….what can I say. Hey! I actually like to write a paragraph with long sentences, if done right at the right moment it does give it a flow. A lot of the great writers did so.
    Stay Frosty, nice blog.

  2. KaZ says:

    Happy anniversary! 🙂 and nice sketch.

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