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July 6, 2013 by bck1402

ImageSome people – or most – might have found the Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy (not taking On Stranger Tides into account here) to be quite bloated and overly confusing with its plot. For me, it wasn’t an issue. I actually enjoyed it and thought that it was quite brilliant the way the overall arcs played out and how everyone had a story that would intertwine with another character’s arc. Even the sword had a journey as if moved about from one character to another. In any case, the success of the Pirates franchise is most likely attributed to Johnny Depp and his Captain Jack Sparrow.

So with Depp’s backing and his desire to bring a fresh new angle to Tonto, The Lone Ranger began its journey back to the big screen. Depp would rope in Jerry Bruckheimer to produce and Gore Verbinski (who worked with Depp on the Pirates trilogy as well as Rango) to direct. And my expectations ran high. I love my pulp heroes.

Verbinski delivers quite a romp although it feels he did a way better job on Rango at times where depicting a western is concerned. Most of the problems with The Lone Ranger would stem more from its writing, I think. And the nastiness of its key villain that might be off-putting to some people. It also might serve as a warning if you’re thinking of taking kids along. At times, I think the movie isn’t sure what it really wants to be, or they might be trying to push the envelope in updating the concept, but I felt it was one step to far.

In any case, my thoughts on the movie are actually over here on my Weebly site. I just wanted to add a few other thoughts that I didn’t want to add to a review.

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