Script and Screen: Quiet

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May 20, 2013 by bck1402

A little background on the idea for this one.

It wasn’t until I went to New Zealand did I have any idea what real quiet was. Back home in Penang, even when growing up, you could always hear something. Late at night, trying to get to sleep, there was always the chirp of some insect droning away, or the occasional passing vehicle – often a motorcycle – that would just add to the seemingly constant barrage of noise that does surround us. Growing up with all that, one does learn to “tune it out” as it were. It’s noise that one gets used to that ultimately, it barely exists anymore unless you pay attention to it.

When I got to New Zealand to further my studies (was there for a year) in the little haven of Whanganui, I had my little room in student housing. It wasn’t really that far off the main road or anything. But even with the window slightly open, it was quiet.

It was so quiet that my ears were hurting, straining for some bit of noise out in the literal dead of night. I really didn’t sleep that first night, but I got used to it in the end… sort of. I had a small heater fan for the winter nights, so that provided a little white noise. And I had my radio with me, which I would play my CDs on. Mike Oldfield provided lots of company during those months.

Coming back to Penang after a year away, it really dawned on me just how much noise was out there, just beyond my bedroom window. (I have no air-conditioning, so I sleep with the windows open.) It took a while to get used to all that noise again. And to think some people actually have these pre-recorded noises of nature CDs to play as relaxation therapy.

Anyway, I figured having Cing suffering from a headache, and trying to get some peace and quiet would make adecent running joke for the cartoon, After all, there was that Animaniacs bit, with Dot Warner trying to find some peace and quiet to read her book.  It was just something to play with.

There was one other gag that I did throw in there, but I don’t think it played out very well. It was “the question game” that just came up, where every line was a question. It probably read better than it played out, but I don’t know if the actors got the idea of what was supposed to have gone on there… if they couldn’t have emphasied the questions a bit more. Like doing a uptick at the end of each question a little more prominently.

In any case, you can check out the script here, and the the cartoon itself is below.

So… what do you think? Was there any way they could have made the “question game” any better? Or was it a bad idea on my part?





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