A-Musing and A-Wondering


May 7, 2013 by bck1402

Just to fill in the space here with a little thought… or a pondering. I’ll probably head off to Yahoo or Google or Wikipeida after this to look it up, but…

Identifying Moths and Butterflies, How did the butterfly get named “butterfly”?

Did someone just happen to look at it and think, “Aw, that’s a weird little thing, fluttering about like that… kinda like when I tossed that thin piece of butter to the wind and saw it fly. Hey, butter… fly… butterfly… that’s a cool name for this colorful little thing.” Was a Fly called a Fly because it flies? Did that lead to the butter-fly?

And since they’re almost alike, why did the “Moth” get saddled with that name anyway?
“Oh, that looks like a butterfly, but it’s not as colourful or as pretty. It looks like a mop and it’s got the fur of a sloth… mmm..loth? mmm-oth? Yeah, Moth… That’s a good name for that sad looking butterfly that only comes out at night.”

Anyway, off to search for answers…
Or maybe I’ll just stick with my scenarios anyway.
Or any of you have other thoughts or scenarios?


2 thoughts on “A-Musing and A-Wondering

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