Did I Write That?

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May 2, 2013 by bck1402

At this point, I’ve finally finished reading through / reviewing / editing all three of the Syndi-Jean Journals (the first was shared earlier in three parts, go look for them) and I hope that’s all the corrections I need to make.

Unless another round is needed.

There was some odd lines that did grab my attention while reading through. Bits and pieces that may have been what was on my mind as I was writing, or perhaps it was Jeannie herself peeking through with her own thoughts. It’s hard to say for sure. The thing is, it sometimes felt like it was stuff I didn’t really write… or did I? No one else was writing this stuff and while I had the general idea of how the story would flow and what was going where, I basically let the words flow while I was writing. Maybe I was on a writing high at some points, and just went on instinct.

Anyway, by the time the idea of pulling out some of those lines occurred to me, I was pretty deep into book three. The thought of going back into the first two books just to look for lines didn’t appeal to me at the time because I was trying to keep the reviewing / editing process on a straight line. Going back was only going to happen if there was some discrepancy in character placement or if the action that was flowing didn’t make sense from what was written before.

Case in point, I had a bunch of characters involved in a situation and halfway through, one of the characters had switched with a different character. I had to track back a little to make sure that the group of characters I started out with in that event would be the same group of characters by the end of the event. How did I miss that the first couple of times around?

But I digress…
This was about the lines that I (or Jeannie) wrote.

Lines such as –

Then again, if I can determine that I am a little on the insane side, isn’t that just some kind of proof of sanity in the first place?

Year three was full of the mental stuff, but there was action as well, the kind you find in movies. They were a big influence after all, but following a piece of dialogue came-

Saying those things actually felt silly. Never thought it worked in the movies so why should I even have thought it would have worked then.

It’s one thing to write out the dialogue, but saying them out loud was a whole other thing, right? I do have issues with the dialogue in Star Wars. Some of it just sounds… so wrong. Even Harrison Ford was reported to say to Lucas, “You can write this stuff, but you just can’t say it.” (add: I had the quote slightly wrong. You can check it out here. Rumour has it Carrie Fisher said something similar too.)

As for giving reasons to why Jeannie kept getting into weird situations-

“What makes you think you won’t help him anyway? It’s in your nature,” she said. “You can’t leave it alone.”

And to give you an idea on how mental things got-

“Well, how do you deal with a daughter you never knew about, who may or may not rightfully exist in reality?”

Which led to another discussion that gave rise to-

We got into a whole ‘perception of existence’ argument (we exist because we see it existing, and so the world might actually cease to momentarily exist when we sleep because we don’t ‘perceive’ it while sleeping)…

And –

“Our existence might just be the dream of someone else, and we may exist only so long as our dreamer or observer would keep us in sight. For all I know, I merely exist because you see me existing before you, but then you might just be existing because I’m observing you,” he said. “But in all that, we are our own individual being with our own perceptions and our own thoughts, our own consciousness. Wherever you go, whatever world you find yourself in, that becomes your reality, but you still will remain yourself. Just keep that in mind when you plan your next move.”

It was either obvious, or profound… but it was a learning moment-

Then again, something that leaves such a scar on the soul is not something one gets over so easily.

And when the big fight came around-

“I don’t have to win! I just have to not lose.”

Of course, that’s when the villain keeps saying stuff like, “You can’t win, you know?”

Another case of profound observation… or simple realisation… or plain common sense, because no one is really who we think they are-

We all put on a façade when we have to interact with other people and they get to know us from the sum of our parts that we put on display.

And as an analysis of one’s actions-

… acts of bravery and stupidity are indistinguishable until the results of said act is determined.

Just what kind of situation did Jeannie get up to that gave rise to such lines? Well… are you willing to read further? I really want to get the books out there as books, not just little online stuff – although that’s fine too.

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