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April 16, 2013 by bck1402

While I am hoping that I’ve gotten everything that needs to be fixed this time around, I’m not too sure if I’ll stop reading it.. and then still find errors. While I know the intention of doing this pass (review wise) I still catch myself reading it just for reading it, getting caught up with what has been written.

Is that common?
(other writers, please chip in.)

Despite having written it all, I sometimes can’t remember everything that Syndi-Jean had gone through. Like with life, I can remember the broad strokes and major events, but some of those little details that happen in between still surprise me sometimes. Even if I did write it. Then again, I am dealing with life in a year, and trying to chronicle it on an almost daily basis.

In any case, I’m done with the first year and have moved on into reviewing / editing year two. There’s still the concern in those early entries if I was repeating things too much since I was approaching it as a second book, following the events of Year One. At the same time, there was the mentality that this has to stand alone – almost – apart from the first year. Which meant that some recap had to happen, some explanations to be covered again… which meant repetition, to a certain extent. And with the knowledge that there is a third year to follow, just how much did I repeat myself?

Of course, this goes back to several months back when I felt I did repeat myself too much – which could mean that I would need to do a bit more editing on the third book. But that’ll come around when I get to it. Then again… I also did just mention that I couldn’t always remember everything that was written.

I did have the plan – very broadly – about where I wanted Jeannie to go to, and how she was to develop. Sometimes tho, filling in the spaces in-between wasn’t always that easy. There was some minor set up in the first year, and more secrets about Jeannie’s past came out in the second year, if anything it was to set up the big bad for the third year and prepare her to face that. And I had to make sure not to overload that third year and leave too much dangling about.

Jeannie Sketch 1211

Swimsuit and jeans? Sketch of Jeannie (plus drafts) done back in Nov 2012).

Its been a while since I finished everything and I did try to move on to other work, mostly the work-for-hire scripts as well as a couple of my own ideas. While the paid-work bits were completed, nothing on the personal front has actually been finished. There has been some kind of malaise that set in for a while, and there is the slight desire to go back to Jeannie. Maybe not in the journal format, but an actual adventure type, the actual application of her abilities even if certain such situations have crept up within the journals. At the same time, there’s also the slight desire to do something different now that the journal project is done, writing wise.

In the meantime, have the rest of Year Two and then Year Three ahead of me to review and edit. And for you lovely readers and followers, the final third to Year One which I hope you’ve enjoyed.

<link removed due to being loaded with errors still, (Feb, 2014)>

Thanks for reading and following so far.

More to come… some time.


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