All Quiet on the (Eastern) Front

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December 2, 2012 by bck1402

A few weeks of (literally) not writing anything and I’m finding it relatively difficult to get back into the groove. As mentioned in the previous post, there was a major family event going on and it was spread over approximately three weeks and two countries in total. I was caught up with a few responsibilities that did ultimately result in an almost 11 hour crash into dreamland.

So, anyway, I’m not totally gone, was just hibernating a little and now, it’s time to start stretching those thoughts and get them up and running again.

Started out by catching stuff I passed on in the movies (except for catching Skyfall a second (as a break from the chaos) and third time (because my aunt hadn’t seen it yet, so I accompanied her for a screening). It took a day longer than I would usually take, but I started out by watching – and reviewing – Rise of the Guardians and Wreck-It Ralph. Caught both on the same day, back to back in the cinema. Both features were out-classed by Paperman, a 7 minute monochromatic hand-drawn (aided with some CGI) little feature that preceded Wreck-It Ralph. Ah, the joys of hand-drawn animation…

Anyway, you can check out the reviews by following the links posted in the Review Links page (or see above).

And I’ll be back here sometime, when I can figure what to write about next…


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