18 days of Cacophonous Chaos and…


November 11, 2012 by bck1402

… it seems really difficult to decide what to write on as a way of catching up.

For slightly over two weeks, there has been some minor renovation going on at home. This, of course, resulted in some mind-numbing noisy chaos that has been rather distracting. With the destructive rattling of a jackhammer, hammering against concrete, smashing of the floor followed by the reconstruction, it’s been over two weeks of really head-pounding noise. Could not focus on reading, or writing, or watching TV or shows or anime, much less listening to music. Add to that the dust that remained prevalent in the air, and settling on everything despite the numerous daily attempts at cleaning every flat surface, well… it’s been chaos.

It’s not really over, but in a way, I’ve gotten a break by getting away to another country (sort of) for a major family event. The last few days have been rather hectic at times, surreal at others – and the lack of sleep isn’t really helping in terms of perception at the moment. Still a couple of days (and one more related event) here before heading back.

I’m not really grumbling. It’s been great to catch up with everyone – family and relatives – even if I don’t show it very much. Most of what I say seems to reflect the grumbling, so I rather just keep quiet… and that makes it seem like I’m being a miserable grouch. Yeh, I’d say I’m not a very emotionally expressive person, unless I’m watching a move or TV show. I can’t really say why I’m like that, but this is not the forum for some self-psycho-analysis.

It’s just a little catch up to share what’s going on, and to note that I haven’t given up on this…

I am happy for my brother and his bride this November 11, 2012.

Now, what to write about next time…


One thought on “18 days of Cacophonous Chaos and…

  1. […] She’s very sweet and charming, and she makes a great partner to my bro. When I first wrote about them getting married last year, I posted a rather artsy photo that had been played with using a variety of filters off […]

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