Knowing Things Taken For Granted v2

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October 22, 2012 by bck1402

wow – one little slip with the backspace button and there went everything. I’ve got to get used to clicking that ‘save draft’ button from time to time. Let’s see if I can do this again, how much I can retain from the first go around.

While you, gentle reader, will not notice it or even see it, I can’t really start this the same way as before. It probably wouldn’t be as eloquent anymore because in my mind – that’s done. The topic I was writing about dealt with the little bits of information that we might pick up from here and there, or anywhere. But just how useful would such information be? Or how accurate? Could we just take it at face value that what we’re being told is true?

Thing is, I’ve recently come across some bits of information that may seem rather astounding to me, but it’s not necessarily new information. Sure, it’s informative and interesting enough, but am I going to use it much? Maybe ignorance is bliss after all (I think I phrased it much better before too).

So what was it that I found out? Well… (in no particular order, nor matching what was done before I lost it all)…

A rhino’s ‘horn’ isn’t really a horn because an animal’s horn has to be made of bone before it can be regarded as a ‘horn’. The rhino’s horn is actually made of keratin, which is the same material our hair and fingernails are made off. A rhino’s horn is really just a hard tuft of hair, not that I’ve actually handled one to know for sure.

Jenga” is actually a Swahili word meaning ‘to build’.

The creature with the most painful sting is the bullet ant, so named because it feels like being shot (not that I know what that’s like, nor do I want to find out even for a comparison). Even then, it’s not the most poisonous animal on the planet. That honor might go to the Box Jelly(fish) or the Blue-Ringed Octopus or the Golden Dart Frog. There’s a top ten list here.

The Honey Badger is regarded as the most ferocious mammal in the world – that I knew from an old movie, ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy Part II‘ – and they (reputedly) tend to favour attacking the testicles of the creatures that tick them off. It supposedly reported that a buffalo (not the American kind, I would think) was castrated by one of these little furballs. Wonder what they go for if the animal they attack is a female… Despite its name, it’s not really a badger. (guy ranting on about the honey badger)

Speaking of which, badgers don’t really badger the way people might use the word ‘badger’ when describing another person who might badger someone else… or badger someone in this way.

A heckler used to be a person who worked in textiles, handling that comb device in a loom. It could be that such an individual was the first to make fun of a stage performer and thus the heckler is the one in an audience who would make fun of the sad comedian on stage.

One should never confuse ‘paraphernalia’ with ‘paraphilia’ especially in usage.

I’ve apparently been mispronouncing the names of Dr. Seuss and Vincent Van Gogh, like forever… although in fairness, unless you’re Dutch, you are advise not to try pronouncing Van Gogh’s name the correct way.

Sharks apparently do have a bone – a spinal bone. I always thought they were just muscle and cartilage because you hardly ever see a shark skeleton, just the teeth.

A raw grated carrot kept overnight in the fridge can actually contain more Vitamin C than a normal carrot (that came off a promo snippet over Discovery channel).

Also (never realised this), Parmesan Cheese and vomit smell exactly alike. Grated cheese has more flavour because you get more surface area from grated cheese than just a slice.

And the biggest realization of all – although I really should have realised this since I hang out at the cinema quite often – is that Light is invisible. You literally cannot see light.

Sure, you can see things and objects and colours because of light (at least, those of us lucky to see), but you just cannot see light itself.  You might notice a light source and the reflected surface a light might bounce off, but even in a darkened room or cinema, you don’t really see the light between the projector and the screen.

Which brings to mind, what exactly do we see when we’re looking at a light source? Do we actually see heat? We can see the various colours in heat (blue, green, red yellow, etc. same for the various suns out there in the vasty universe), or is it just the spectrum of light?

If the Syndi-Jean Journal were still going on, that last one would have made an entry, just for the heck of it.

I did look some of these things up, but with anything you find on the internet, you can never really be sure if it’s the entire truth. Information is subjective, depending on your source after all.

But what do I really know anyway?

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