“Appeared Out Of Thick Air”

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October 8, 2012 by bck1402

First a message prior to the new post…

I actually did this entry on my iPod Touch using the WordPress App… and I did it off-line. When I turned on my Wi-fi to upload the post, it didn’t register on the site. I cross-checked between the iPod Touch and the laptop, one showed the post had been done, the other did not. So, a little fiddling around, I managed to copy the whole post into Mail and saved a draft there. When I went back to the app, I tried to view the post on the site, and got an error message, and the whole post disappeared.

Lesson learnt – don’t use the app to write posts. just use it to view the reader, write the post elsewhere (like in Notes) and then put up a new post AFTER turning on the wi-fi and connecting.

And now, we return to the scheduled delayed post…

                     OFFICER TED
Yeah, this is a forest reserve, so there would
be heavy condensation early in the morning
– hence “thick air”
                           (beat- as he takes in the
looks everyone gives him)

It sounds better than the oft-used “appearing
out of thin air.”

It’s been a while since the last post and I’ve actually been wondering just what I should be writing about. I know in my first post, I did outline some intentions. Use this space to share some ideas about writing and such, but there have been some ideas I figured I could also write about. While those disparate ideas were fighting about for attention, neither really won out and so the writing fell aside.

All this was going on while I was still proofreading the the last bit of the journal. Having completed that, I knew that I had a lot of editing and rewriting to do. In the meantime, I had one of the best English teachers I know reading through the first volume of the Journal. And she found it tough going very early on. Granted, this wasn’t a genre she would normally read, but she did plough through the work. Her suggestion was that I take a break from constantly reviewing the Journal and focus on something else for the time being. Come back later to do a proper edit with a slightly clearer head that’s unfocused on the

So, I went back to a half completed script with every intention of finishing what I had started.

This script was a more light-hearted supernatural romp conceived some years back, pre-dating the Journal. It came about when a friend of mine was getting into writing for a local television series and I figured I could come up with a series myself. I came up with a concept and four stories that would take up three episodes each for a grand total of 12 episodes. Essentially, it would break down to four movies that are split apart.

The concept was this:-
The main character was called Crichton. This might have been influenced either by the lead character in Farscape or my favourite writer at the time but I liked the idea that just calling him that was cool enough. Anyway, Crichton works at this hotel, booking acts for shows and such, usually leaning towards magicians to feed his hobby as an amateur magician. The latest act is to open in conjunction with a Lunar eclipse, but something else is stirring.

The hotel itself is located on a hilltop, overlooking a forest reserve that just happens to have a convergence point for mystical energies. The impending Lunar eclipse over this particular point weakens the barrier between certain realms. Demonic minions start breaking through dimensions and terrorise the hotel and the nearby town. A young boy also comes through looking for a mage.

The story actually begins with Crichton crossing paths with the boy who is under attack by some lower caste demons. Crichton helps the boy and ends up enlisting the hotel’s head of security for help as more and more demons start popping up. It also turns out that the magician Crichton hired is more than just a stage performer.

Anyway, there are more characters including Crichton’s girlfriend, her best friend, his boss, a pair of local cops, and a few more local towns-folks in the mix. The first story is more or less plotted out with details and all. The second story is also plotted out while the third and fourth have a skeleton on which to hang a story. The episodic structure is gone and my focus has been to complete the script for the first story.

At the very least, I should have a full script that’s all my own instead of the numerous others that officially belong to someone else because I was hired to write them. This would be something that I can use to show what I can do. And, as mentioned before, I have other ideas I want to put out as well.

I just need to do it a little faster and not get too distracted by other things. Other things, probably like stuff I’ll write about next time…

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