And it’s alive… It’s Alive, I tell ya!!!

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August 16, 2012 by bck1402

So on a whim, without any particular plan or forethought, I ended up watching both Paranorman and The Expendables 2, back to back… and then I got home started fiddling around trying to figure out the Weebly site builder. I miss having a Review function that Multiply has. Just pick what kind of review, put in the title, genre, adjust the rating and put the review in there… and it’s all done.

I tried setting up a Review page on the Weebly site and ended up just using the Blog page function instead, changing the name “Blog” to “Reviews”, and managing to make it look decent. Simple and decent. I’ll have to plug in my own rating, but I can just put up the review and stick a small image of the poster, and it looks decent. Nothing utterly fantastic, but we don’t need anything too fancy, right?

Of course, there’s a lot of stuff to do still. Here, there and also on Facebook since I’m getting Timelined against my will – that’ll go live on August 23, which isn’t a lot of time to figure something out aside from letting it go into default mode. I feel like I want to do some drawings and sketches, and use those across all three site, finally pass on the sweet Totoro I’ve been using these last few years. I feel comfortable with that big lug because, aside from the glasses, I’m about that size. I was obese way before it was some fashionable disease to be concerned about.

I am constantly trying to do something about that. If there’s some thin guy inside me trying to get out, he’s sure reluctant to stick around every time I get remotely close to letting him out.

But that’s beside the point of this post…
So, there’ll be another review going up by tomorrow or the day after (for ParaNorman – go watch it in 3D, it’s beautiful and sweet and funny. It’s a great film) and then I’ll spend some time trying to whip these sites into some kind of decent shape that’ll sort of represent me.



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