Let’s Get Things Started With…


August 15, 2012 by bck1402

… hello.

That’s a good place to start.
So would explaining what I have been doing, how I got here, and what I intend to do, right?

It started with that Yahoo website, that got closed and morphed into Yahoo!360, which then got closed and replaced with something which I don’t know how to work now. I shifted over to Multiply, which is now closing it’s social services – and be default, the blog over there.

There are two sites I did over at Multiply. One was a normal site bit where I would post the occasional photo album, write a little something in the blog section, but more often just do reviews of the latest movies that were showing in the local cinema, maybe review the occasional show I would catch on home-video.  That’s likely what’s not going to happen here.

The other thing I did at Multiply was a carry-over from another Yahoo!360, a personal project called The Syndi-Jean Journal. It was a fictional online journal / blog experiment that has recently been completed. It started in 2007, a little after I left being a cog in the industrial machine. The idea was to cover three years in the life of a young girl, Syndicessca Jeannie F- (I kept the surnames out), as she entered a training facility where she would train, learn and live, making friends and discovering a whole new life while dealing with some stuff from her past. Three years, three books essentially. Except that the last year took up to three years to complete due to the need to do some actual work for which I would get paid.

The “journal” will be at syndijean.multiply.com until Multiply closes up that part of their service on December 1st, after which, I haven’t really decided what to do with the journal. I do know I’d like to get it published and reach more readers. For now, I guess it’s free – complete with a few typos here and there. Book One and Book Two are in the initial PDF format tho.

That’s also not something that going to happen here.

With the movie reviews heading off to another site (which will be mentioned later) and the “Journal” done, I do have some other bits of personal work that I’d like to complete, mainly a bunch of screenplays and some ideas for screenplays or scripts. So that journey is what’s going to end up here, along with the occasional idea to be shared, polled for opinion (I hope) and maybe find someone who might be willing to work on something with me. I’ll bring that up again at some later time. There might also be the occasional thought or gripe, as there should be in a  blog. Just how often that will happen remains to be seen.

I suppose some other bits and pieces about writing will also go up here as well as the occasional update as to what goes on at the other site and vice versa, just to keep things in sync and to try to share what I do with a wider audience.

So there. Where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing and what I intend to use this particular blog for. Not too shabby for a first entry.

Now, I just have to dabble about and customise the look of this blog for now.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Things Started With…

  1. Bernard I just found this via you time line on face book. Fascinating! Haven’t talked to you in a long time. We are over due!!

    • bck1402 says:

      Yes, it’s been a while. I don’t stick around on Facebook for very long. It gets very distracting very quickly, especially when I have to focus on work and writing. We do have to catch up. Meanwhile, hope you enjoy the blog.

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